Choosing Inspiration

Inspire me….

Maybe it’s her: the way she throws her head back with abandon and laughs from the core of her being.

Or maybe him: the way he gives selflessly over and over again just to help someone in need.

Or maybe her: the way she feels so passionately that it consumes her whole being.

Maybe it’s him: the way he always has a kind word just when you need it.

Or maybe them: the way that they give and give and give again.

Maybe it’s her: the way she isn’t giving up, even when she wants to.

Or maybe it’s him: the way he works so hard and is so much smarter than me.

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We can find inspiration when we choose to. It is everywhere, if only we choose to see it. Choosing isn’t always easy. I’m too often quick to see the negative, the messy room, the empty seat at the dinner table, the way that passion consumes beautiful and frightening in the same flame.

Those things are easy to see when we’ve been pressed on, pressed in from every side. But when we choose to look with eyes that are willing to scan and adjust and blur the background so the beauty takes center stage, then we can be inspired.

That is where beauty and inspiration run deep and course through my veins.

That is where the pulsing in my head cannot compete with the pounding of my heart.

Inspiration is everywhere we choose to see it.

And maybe that is what inspires me today.

Maybe it’s me: when I choose to adjust my focus and see clearly.

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Weekend Wonder…Medal Edition

Quiet the crowds to hear the whisper.

Sometimes we forget that tough is beautiful.

When medals are being awarded on podiums far away here is a medal for you, because you deserve it.

In Which I Give You All A Medal

Remember that love is bigger.

And because I hope my medal is not gold or silver, but soft and made with love…here is my wonder.


May you see your heart shaped medals in all that you do, and don’t forget to dance!

Weekend Wonder

We are full. The internet is full shouting at us from every angle. Take a moment and appreciate the beauty that whispers.

If the mirror had a refresh button….

Beauty by Holley Gerth

Moments like building blocks….

And this, this is my moment. Beautifully blurry with life.


Be blessed in the beautiful this weekend.

Dance on.

Day 27: Waiting to Be Called

Some days I sit here ready to go. My fingers hit the keys and there is some connection between head and heart and hands as the words fly onto the screen faster than I can process them.

Those days are rare.

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Inspiration is fickle. We have somehow gotten the great idea that we need to be inspired to write or sing or create or produce. I have lost too many opportunities to create because I’ve been sitting in the waiting room flipping through magazines as I wait for my name to be called.

Then I discovered something. No one asked me to wait. I did that to myself. Writing is not dependent on inspiration. Sure, inspiration feels great. I love those moments when everything flows and I hit that last word and say, “YES!”

What if I wrote without sitting in the waiting room? What would happen then?

Maybe I wouldn’t have the YES!

But I would have words on the page.

Maybe it would be slow.

But it would be happening.

Maybe it would be lousy.

But it would be writing.

photo credit: Holistic Healing NY

photo credit: Holistic Healing NY

Some days the act needs to be enough. Because on those days the “YES” does come when I look at the screen or the page and realize I did it.

I created.

I produced.

I worked on my art.

I danced.

So step out of the waiting room. Consider this your number being called. It’s your turn. Now exhale.

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