Five Minute Friday…Write

There is freedom in letting go of right for write. My heart that is so inclined to perfection needed this today; maybe yours does, too.

I’m linking up with Lisa-Jo Baker for Five Minute Friday.

Five minutes.

One word.

No editing.

No rethinking.

Just writing.

Today’s word: Write


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Did you ever notice that write may sound the same as right, but they are so far from the same thing? One beckons Just Do It while the other stands above us wagging a finger in disapproval.

Here’s the thing: they are the same.

As long as I write, then I’m doing something right.

If I’ve been called to writing than my only responsibility is to do my best. If I do that, then I’ve got it right. You may not think so, at times I may not think so, but there is one who does, and is there any other approval that matters?

Sometimes I think that I have to get everything right and then I’ll BE. But the truth is that the right comes in the doing not the perfecting. Even perfection leaves someone in the cold.

I’ve never been published anywhere other than this little blog, but from what I’ve read by many authors when the book is done and it’s out there for the world you’ll still find things that aren’t quite right. Typos, word choices, unclear passages, unfinished business. But God never asked us to get it right. He simply asked us to do everything unto him.

So today I write, and somehow that feels just right.


Feeling inspired in the dance…I hope you do, too!

If you want to join in check out Five Minute Fridays.


2 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday…Write

  1. Hello, stopping by from FMF. And I love this, “But God never asked us to get it right. He simply asked us to do everything unto him.” And yes, writing though not always perfect is often just right. Have a lovely day!

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