Peace Pulses

When someone is going through a storm, your silent presence is more powerful than a million, empty words. | Anonymous ART of Revolution

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When I look and the water is swirling around my feet

Creeping up my ankles and licking my calves

I just want to know that you’re in the water with me.

Sometimes the best said words are spoken with hands

And the sweetest sound is a silent smile.


When I feel like I’m in up to my elbows

And the dirt and grime of life is so thick I can’t see my own skin

I just want to know that I’m not the only one who gets dirty.

Sometimes the strength to power through comes from seeing another in the trenches

And feeling beautiful beneath the grime.


When all I hear is the silent screaming of my own voice

Mocking me with my inadequacies and shortcomings

I just want to know that you hear them too.

Sometimes the faith to believe truth begins with recognizing lies

And hope held tight that I really do matter.


When I feel surrounded on all sides like the world is caving in

And the clock clicks a vise tighter around my neck

I just want to know that you’ve felt it too and survived.

Sometimes the will to hold on comes from taking my eyes off myself

And seeing grace grounded deep within.


When I cannot understand where to be or where to go

And my fears threaten to run away with my faith

I just want to know that you’ll stay.

Sometimes the choice to believe is more desperation than nobility

And words wrapped in tears are beautiful too.


When I need to feel something other than jagged

And I cannot find the truth on my own

I just want to feel you next to me.

Sometimes just being worth the effort encourages

And peace pulses through the dark.


Linking up today with Holley Gerth and Jennifer Dukes Lee. Click over for more Coffee for your Heart and Tell His Story!



6 thoughts on “Peace Pulses

  1. Girlie, you have nailed it!
    Sometimes we isolate ourselves and we don’t even know it, till we find ourselves running out for the nearest church door.
    Thankfully, I’ve found a community of like minded women at a church less, than a block away and Oh … how in RL community has lifted this Jesus Loving sister friend.

    Keep rocking the light, friend!

    • Thank you Sonya! I’ve spent so much time isolating myself because it feels safer. I’m learning that God rarely did things that looked safe. So glad you have found a community of women to be present with you in real life!

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