I’ve never liked dusting

dusty book

photo credit: head-heart-health.com

Sometimes the dust is thick and it doesn’t seem worth it. We forget that under those days, months, years of the particles of life lay a treasure that is guilty of only one thing: neglect.

I’ve said I want to be a writer for so very long. I have starts and stops, spurts of productivity, but the words seem to become the overlooked furniture in a never used sitting room of life and I forget. I forget they exist, they are beautiful and they are worth something. And I allow these minute pieces of me and you and everyone around me to flutter through the air and rest on them creating a blanket that seems invisible until it feels too late. It goes from a thin sheet to a thick, worn comforter in the blink of an eye and I forget what it takes to undo it.

I tell myself it’s too hard and it requires too much. But sometimes all it takes is remembering what’s under there and having the courage to shake off the regrets and reveal the beauty that was hidden underneath.

So I did it. I dusted off my one solid novel start. I gathered the courage and clicked quickly before I could change my mind. As I read the words I saw their beauty anew and I was so glad I got my fingers dirty to get back here.

Sometimes all it takes is a moment of courage and willingness to get dirty to reveal a beauty long forgotten. Is there something you’ve forgotten that has disappeared into the landscape of life? Maybe it’s time for a little dusting.


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