Less than 1%

“Just follow me,” the doctor asked.

Wait. What is happening? We never go this way. We always go right to his office.

“Would you please step on the scale?”

WHAT? No, no, no. This was the one doctor that never weighed me. I’ve been coming to him for 15 years and not once have I had to step up to bring myself down. But what could I do? I smiled and tried not to look at the numbers.

This is not a measure of who I am. This is not a measure of my worth. And I smiled.

Ok, so the smile was fake and it was forced, but I made a choice. I not to allow a twelve-inch square ruin my day. I chose, not to ignore those 30 seconds, but to treat them as what they really were: three hundredths of a percent of my day. That’s right. Less than 1 % of my day was on that scale. Three hundredths of a percent didn’t deserve that much power over me.

What do you need to choose today? Maybe it isn’t a scale, but what areas of your life do you give more power than they deserve?

Take a moment and put them in their place. Recognize them for what they are, but nothing more.

Yes, that number on the scale is higher than I’d like. No, that number does not make me feel beautiful. But it doesn’t have to be about feelings. It was that way before I stepped on the scale and after. Those 30 seconds only have the power to shame me if I let them.

“In those places where we don’t believe it (that we are beautiful) we continue to shame ourselves. And shame will never be an agent of change.” Stasi Eldridge


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