Beautiful Hope

I need to start by telling you I am making no resolutions. A resolution is marked by decidedness, firmness, a hard-fast determination to do something. Life has enough hard edges for me. I’m going for soft.

photo credit: flickr

This New Year I am not looking at what I need to change. I will set a few goals that I’ll work on and flesh out and revise, but right now I am starting by looking at the beauty God sees in me, the beauty He sees in you right now.

At this weight.

With this mess.

Knowing my temper rages.

Even when gossip glides off my tongue.

Perfectly impatient.

This is beauty.

Why? Because He made you. He made me. If that isn’t reason enough; if He isn’t reason enough then there is no hope.

Goals are good, but they are not our hope.

“Our hope doesn’t rest on our finally getting it together. Our hope rests in Jesus.” Becoming Myself by Stasi Eldredge

So take just a moment and let go of all the harshness that we filter our world through, filter our reflection through. Exhale and breathe soft.

photo credit: wordpress blog

Now look at your legs. Seriously. Look at them. STOP! Before anything negative enters your mind say, “My legs are beautiful.” Yes. Out loud.


“My legs are beautiful.”

Don’t stop there. Now think about why.

My legs are beautiful because they move. They work. They get me where I need to be and they work hard for no praise. They are beautiful because they were crafted for me.

30 seconds. Maybe 60. That’s all it took for you to see beauty today.

Now breathe soft.

This may feel foreign to you (it sure does to me). But I’m fighting a battle here, and I am not willing to lose. There is too much at stake. We can go through this life always trying, striving to be more, be better, be someone. But the truth is…we already are.


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