Five Minute Friday…Tree

Today is a dance in words and images and faith.

I’m linking up with Lisa-Jo Baker for Five Minute Friday.

Five minutes.

One word.

No editing.

No rethinking.

Just writing.

Today’s word: Tree

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I’ve always loved trees. Big, strong trees that reach every finger to the sky. Trees with arms of strength and beauty. Trees round and thick in the middle, a silent testimony of strength through decades of storms. These trees are not easy to come by. The higher they reach up, the deeper their roots must go.

I long to be like those trees.

I want my fingers ever reaching heavenward moving only by His breath.

I long to be a testament of a life lived in strength and beauty and fierce determination in the midst of sun and storm.

I want my arms to be ready to hold anything that grabs on, and my fingers ready to let go of beauty if it means renewal.

I long to stand in dignity and strength even when I feel most exposed.

I want to explode with growth just when I feel most hopeless.

I long to offer a place of grace for people to rest under and a beauty more defined by it’s fruit than itself.

I want to live like a tree reaching higher every day and showing growth in my core every year.

I long to be a tree of roots that reach deep with unseen growth and quiet strength.

May I live my life like a tree. Even if pieces of me break away and storms threaten my very existence, may I live my life like a tree. Moving only at His command, standing strong, and giving fully.


This idea took 5 minutes. The additions a few more.

Dancing in the breeze of His breath today.

If you want to join in check out Five Minute Fridays.


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