Day 27: Waiting to Be Called

Some days I sit here ready to go. My fingers hit the keys and there is some connection between head and heart and hands as the words fly onto the screen faster than I can process them.

Those days are rare.

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photo credit:

Inspiration is fickle. We have somehow gotten the great idea that we need to be inspired to write or sing or create or produce. I have lost too many opportunities to create because I’ve been sitting in the waiting room flipping through magazines as I wait for my name to be called.

Then I discovered something. No one asked me to wait. I did that to myself. Writing is not dependent on inspiration. Sure, inspiration feels great. I love those moments when everything flows and I hit that last word and say, “YES!”

What if I wrote without sitting in the waiting room? What would happen then?

Maybe I wouldn’t have the YES!

But I would have words on the page.

Maybe it would be slow.

But it would be happening.

Maybe it would be lousy.

But it would be writing.

photo credit: Holistic Healing NY

photo credit: Holistic Healing NY

Some days the act needs to be enough. Because on those days the “YES” does come when I look at the screen or the page and realize I did it.

I created.

I produced.

I worked on my art.

I danced.

So step out of the waiting room. Consider this your number being called. It’s your turn. Now exhale.

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