Day 6: The Man in the Suit

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I’ve come so far to let go of the past, present, future, and even dreams. I have to talk about the dark thief in the corner.

The one that holds you against the wall by your throat. He talks in a low voice remarkably like my own, smiling the whole time. He enjoys watching me gasp for air. He challenges me to breathe deep, even letting go his hold. Once his fingers have been around your throat, it’s hard to know when they’re gone.

Fear is a beast.

In the next few days I’ll share my struggles with fear. Today, we’ll meet his younger sibling: worry.

Just when I think I’m saved from myself and covered in grace and I’m too good for fear…worry takes my hand.

He walks with me and listens to all my words and my thoughts. Then he starts saying, “what if?”

The master of second guessing, he leads me to a trap and I willingly step in.

Worry is fear in a suit. It looks prettier, but has the same soul. If I really am letting go of the future I have no choice but to let go of worry. But it’s hard to dismiss someone who has walked by my side for so long.

My disclaimer here is that I haven’t done it. Not fully.

I’ve yet to send worry packing, never to return. He lurks and waits for my moments when I’m comforted by a hand to hold.

I think the only way to push worry out of the picture is to grasp something else. It can’t be half way either. I need to let go of worry and grab truth and trust with both hands.

The truth that I am loved by the God of all, and He wants nothing but the best for me.

The truth that I am not in control, but there is One who is.

The truth that while I may not understand, His plans for me are to prosper me and not to harm me.

The truth that He is who He says He is and He does what He says He will do.

So there are two antidotes to worry. Truth and trust. Grab one with each hand and feel your heart begin to let go.

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