Day 4: Path to the Future

Since we’ve worked on letting go of the past and the present, it only makes sense for us to move on to the future. How can I be holding on to something that hasn’t even happened yet? I’ll tell you how I do it.

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I have been frozen. I’ve stood, completely unsure of where to go, how to go forward. I’ve always hated uncertainty and it wouldn’t be so bad if it were just with the big life decisions.

I’m so afraid of getting it wrong, sometimes I do nothing. I hate not knowing what the future holds. I want to be ready. I need to prepare myself. My type A is screaming, “GET ALL YOUR DUCKS IN A ROW!”

But when the clock keeps ticking and you have to put one foot in front of the other, you have to choose a path. You get hurt if you ride the fence. And I’ve never liked pain.

“I just want to be in God’s will.” I justify.

I’m slowly learning.

His will is that I be with Him. If I believe He loves me like He says He does, I have to believe that He wants the best for me. If that’s true, I have to believe that even if there was a wrong path and I took it, He’d lead me to a merciful detour to bring me just where I’m supposed to be.

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If I seek God first, the path doesn’t matter. I’m already going the right way.

When I let myself off the hook and remember that it’s all about being with Him it doesn’t feel so dire. Because I’m in it with Him. Imperfectly, but I really am. My heart wants to be with His. I seek His heart and will for me. If I am truly seeking His heart for me I’m already there. That’s all He desires of us. The rest is just gravy.

So, the future, the part that matters, is that I put my whole heart in Him. If I can do that one thing, the path never mattered. It was all about the heart.

And I can exhale.

If you’re looking for air try the rest of the series.

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