31 days…

photo credit: 1ms.net

photo credit: 1ms.net

Breathe in deep. Now breathe out deeper.

Welcome to 31 days of exhale. I’m glad you’re here.

Each day for the month of October I will be linking with The Nester writing a post on exhale. I’ll invite you in to walk with me as I learn to exhale with topics like Letting Go, Fear, Beauty and more. Join me on this journey of freedom as a new post is added below each day.

Don’t miss it…you may just find your own reason to exhale.

Day 1: Why Exhale?

Day 2: Put the Luggage Down

Day 3: The Reality of the Now

Day 4: The Path to the Future

Day 5: Letting Go of Good

Day 6: The Man in the Suit

Day 7: Take Me Away

Day 8: When the Exhale Hurts

Day 9: What Comes First?

Day 10: Fill, Release, Repeat

Day 11: Ordinary

Day 12: Three Words Whispered

Day 13: Two Words

Day 14: Perfectly Imperfect

Day 15: Life on the Edge 

Day 16: My Own Fault

Day 17: It’s Not In the Jeans

Day 18: Start in the Center

Day 19: The Iceberg

Day 20: Frames and Pedestals

Day 21: Choosing to Believe

Day 22: Threadbare

Day 23: Looking for a Landing

Day 24: Slipping Silently

Day 25: Together

Day 26: Glory in the Ordinary

Day 27: Waiting to Be Called

Day 28: Rose-Colored Glasses

Days 29, 30 & 31: No Pretty Bow

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3 thoughts on “31 days…

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  2. I feel like I live to breathe… seeking those moments when the air comes easy… but reading this, I realize… the inhale is tough, but the exhale brings the relief and grace I need!

    • Isn’t it amazing how we think one thing will bring relief, but it’s really the opposite? I think you’re right about the relief and grace…once we exhale there’s relief and room for grace to fill us up.

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