Five Minute Friday…True

This one has me written all over it! I’m linking up with Lisa-Jo Baker for Five Minute Friday.

Five minutes.

One word.

No editing.

No rethinking.

Just writing.

Today’s word: True

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It’s what I long for. I always have. TRUTH. The desire for it courses through my veins, hard pulsing in my ears. I’m guessing it comes from a lack of truth. Or maybe not a lack, more of an uncertainty.

When the sand shifts beneath  your feet you begin to crave solid rock.

I always felt like I had one foot on the rock and one foot sinking. There was the truth of what was solid in my life. I was loved (by some). I was strong (most of the time). I felt deeply (all of the time). But my balance was off.

That’s what happens when you only have one foot firmly planted. Even the solid ground feels like it’s moving.

So the sand shifted around me. All the time. And the rock anchored me. Sometimes, the motion made me sick and I wondered if it would be better to be untethered.

How did I survive it? I learned where to bear my weight.

If I tried to stand equally on both feet, I felt the push and pull through my whole being.

If I put my weight on the sandy side, the pull would take me in and the rock would have no hold.

If I put my weight on the rock, my world no longer shifted.

There would be pull from the sand occasionally, and fatigue from balancing so long.

But my world had found an axis: truth.

When I feel too much pull or even begin to sink, I remember to look for what is true. That is my center.


This poured out in large loops and sways leaving me out of breath and poured out before you. Where does your dance take you?

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2 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday…True

  1. Beautiful images you use here to describe truth in your life. This stuck with me: “When the sand shifts beneath your feet you begin to crave solid rock.” Love that. And I love your blog title, so much. Thank you for your words!

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