Five Minute Friday…Story

Another Friday; another chance to stretch. Stretching my writing muscles, my comfort, my sweep this whole writing thing under the rug and pretend it doesn’t burn in me. I’m linking up with Lisa-Jo Baker for Five Minute Friday.

Five minutes.

One word.

No editing.

No rethinking.

Just writing.

Today’s word: Story

the end


Did you every wonder what the ending was going to be to a story? I mean at the very beginning or halfway or some other point in between. Really long for the ending.

I never skip pages. I never flip forward and read what’s going to happen. As much as I hate the unexpected I hate things not being in order.  So I read the story. As it is written. One page, one sentence, one word at a time. Read.

Sometimes I wonder if I give myself that same grace. I go through my day furiously, lazily, begrudgingly, I go. Funny how the word content didn’t come up there. I want so much to know what is going to happen next or after that or at the end. I want to know the whole of the story so I can shape the now better.

I really do know the ending though. The ending here at least.

She goes to heaven and meets her Savior, her Maker, her Grace, her All. The End.


But I’ve always been one for epilogues. I want to know what happens to all the characters. How they made out too. How life moved forward.

How do I know that ending?

Is there an epilogue to this story?

To my story?

I want so badly to know the end to control the now. But I’m finding the more feverishly I flip the pages, the more I miss the journey. I suppose a story has little meaning when you start at “Once upon a time” and flip straight to “The End”.


Whew! Another stretch. Now I’m ready to dance.

If you want to join in check out Five Minute Fridays!

Dance on!


8 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday…Story

  1. I’m visiting from FMF. Wow…I can relate! Yet, I am impatient. I like to flip to the back, read the last page so I know what to expect. I know sometimes I ruin it and then wish I hadn’t looked. That’s probably why He doesn’t let us know or we’d change things as we go along. Thanks for the encouragement to trust Him in the now and go with the story! Thanks!

    • It’s hard isn’t it Rachel! I have this little issue called control. I somehow think that if I know what is going to happen I can control the in between. HA! I bet God just shakes His head at me some days! Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Rebecca, what a beautiful posting about story! I too like to read books (real ones) as they are presented, but must admit that I do skip ahead at times.

    I love how you related that to life. Hopefully in our busy lives, we can learn to stop and enjoy the journey and each page of our life. I am glad I stopped by from FMF. I look forward to other posts. Patti

  3. I get impatient too, wanting a glimpse into the future, so I will have a better gage on how to play out my present. I am so thankful that God has it all under control. Visiting from the FMF!

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