Five Minute Friday….Broken

I’m trying something new here. I’m linking up to Lisa-Jo’s weekly writing exercise Five Minute Friday. This is a stretch for me. You’ll see why.

5 minutes.

No editing.

Just writing.

One word prompt.


That’s it.

Let’s do this before I change my mind.

This week’s word: Broken


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Sometimes I feel broken. Broken in a million pieces that will never fit together again. Then I realize it’s not as bad as I think, right? Maybe broken can be beautiful. I guess that’s more of a question. Can broken be beautiful?

I’ve seen what I thought was perfect. Never in me, but in other people. The funny thing is that when I look from afar it’s like a painting that looks amazing. Then when I get closer, I realize that others are just as blotchy and disorganized as I am. This isn’t a bad thing, but a freeing thought. Maybe everyone is broken.

And maybe it’s the broken that makes us beautiful.

Maybe the disorganized pieces and jagged edges in complete chaos are only made beautiful by a master artist who can both handle the mess and step back and appreciate the beauty. I think God has this amazing ability to look at something broken and see wholeness, to look at chaos and see order.

I can’t see from there. Maybe someday I will. Maybe I’m just too close to my broken to see the beauty.


Now it’s your turn! Head on over to Lisa-Jo Baker’s blog and give it a try. Do it for you. And while you’re there make sure to encourage someone else.

Dance on!


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