Was That the Door?

sink with dishes

I actually stood at my kitchen sink and wondered aloud: I’m here Lord. Are you?

It sounds ridiculous. But if real is what I’m after than I need to tell you…I don’t always know He’s here. I have a difficult time finding him when I’m facing a table strewn with toys and papers and markers. I can’t always see through my finger print smeared windows and peanut butter on the rungs of the chairs. It can be difficult to look past the child with clenched fists, tear filled eyes and screaming.

But He is. There. Here. Always.

I think if He was standing in my kitchen with me He just might tidy up the papers and pour some iced tea. Maybe He’d grab a paper towel and wipe off the sliding glass door or the peanut butter off the table. And I most definitely believe he would gather my little one in His arms and bring peace for mother and child. Maybe my theology is mixed up, but I’ve never been one  for theology anyway. Real relationship, that’s what I crave.

And He knows that.

And He made me that way.

So, yes I believe He’d stoop to where I am, in my humanity and meet me here. He went to people’s homes, to the lake, to the well. He traveled on and met people right where they were.

And I’m here.

In a real, loud, messy, imperfect, lawn needs to be mowed, floor is sticky, toys are everywhere place.

And I really think He’d come.

iced tea

I think He’d walk right alongside me. Picking up a bit and laughing. Telling me stories or stopping to look at the fifteenth drawing from my little one, smiling broadly the whole time. Then I like to think He’d tell me to sit and have that iced tea while we talked. Not so much a getting down to business about my spiritual state or the sin in my life, but a put your feet up and just enjoy being with me kind of talk.

Our iced tea would get watered down because the refreshment wouldn’t be from a glass.  It might be the raw, honest stare at my glass kind of talk or the tip my head back laughing and nodding until my sides hurt kind of talk. It wouldn’t matter. Because He’d be here. For real. Right where I am.

And if He can do that for me, meet me here in my real, He’ll do the very same for you. So when you hear the backdoor open, don’t be alarmed. It’s just a good friend coming to visit. Right where you are.

open door


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