Getting to know me…….


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Since we’re both new here (and I’m trying to figure out exactly what I’m doing here) I thought I should tell you a little bit about my favorite things. These are a few…

Favorite place….my bed. Seriously. Second place….the beach (off season).

Favorite food…chocolate.

Favorite color…blue.

Favorite thing to do…spend time with my family.

Favorite thing to do with my kids…read.

Favorite flower…lily of the valley was number one until it prompted a trip to the ER with a curious two year old. Now, I’d say hydrangea.

Does anyone else feel like this is beginning to sound like an elementary school beginning of the year ‘list’? Let’s change this up a bit.

Here’s the first edition (this does imply there will be more doesn’t it?) of The Good, the Bad, & the Ugly. All this in an effort to let you know you’re not alone. Or for you to feel a lot better about yourself!

What I don’t want you to know……….

The good: I feed my kids daily.

The bad: I brush crumbs from said food off the table onto the floor.

The ugly: I’ve eaten spoonfuls (yes, plural) of peanut butter in my bathroom. If I had a walk in closet, I’d go there, but I work with what I have. I’m resourceful like that.

The good: I read to my kids daily.

The bad: I’ve rushed through story time because I want to watch TV.

The ugly: I’ve rushed through BIBLE stories because I want to watch TV. (Yeah, I like TV. It’s an escape. I know, I know it’s bad, but I never said this would be pretty)

The good: I love how I feel when I exercise.

The bad: My wii fit doesn’t remember my name.

The ugly: Does typing count as exercise?

Here’s to keeping it real people. Ok, take the spotlight off me for a few minutes….what’s one of your good, bad, & ugly traits?


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