Out of the Box

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Easily frustrated.

This is the mom I see when I look at myself. And sadly, those are parts of me. But that is not all of me. Dare I say, it is not even most of me.

Do you ever compare yourself to other moms? I know I do. I think that their houses are cleaner, their kids must be more well behaved since they never yell or get angry, they are thinner, prettier, and more put together, and surely they are happy all.the.time.

But what if I’m wrong?

What if I’m so busy beating myself up for not being just like the mom next door, at the school, or getting her nails done that I have put both of us into a box? A box that prevents us from being who we were designed to be. A box that prevents true connection, honesty, and joy not only for myself, but for my family as well.

If I’m so busy boxing myself in I lose the opportunity to soar.

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Maybe I need to stop seeing only the negative things in the mirror and start seeing who God made me to be.

Because I know this: I, you, we were all made to love and be loved. And you can’t put love in a box.


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