Wednesday’s Writing

Wednesdays I will be offering a writing prompt and my response. Please feel free to share your response as well. This will encourage us to stretch ourselves to write in new ways. Happy ink dance!

Prompt: Write a letter to the 10-year-old child you had been.


To my 10-year-old self,

You won’t be the first woman president. I start with this only because I remember how important it was to you and we just need to get this out-of-the-way. It’s not because it’s impossible. It is solely because you hate politics. I know, I know you wrote a book about becoming president. The thing is, ignore what the book is about. Focus on the book. Therein lies your dream.

Now that we’ve cleared up that matter, let me tell you what you will be.

You will be happy. You will have what you dreamed of. You will have a family. It won’t always be ‘you and me against the world’ for you and mom. It never was, but you won’t understand that yet. Soon. Soon you will.

But first you’re going to get sick. Really sick. The doctors are going to talk about some really scary things, but you need to hold onto this one truth: those moments when you are most scared, those are the moments God gets to show you how very deeply He loves you. Because He does; He always has.

Oh, and you know that family you always wished for. Be careful what you wish for! But remember God has given you the best of both worlds.

And now for the part that you never dreamed possible. Oh, sure. I know you hoped for it, but deep in your soul you never believed you were good enough to love (or maybe it was that you were too much). Either way, it happens. I can’t tell you how and when because I don’t want to ruin it for you, but you will know the love of a man who loves you deep into your soul with all of his. Remember not to push him away in fear. It’s useless anyway. He’s not him and he’s not going anywhere.

And by the way, the race for president may not be in your future, but a much more rewarding (and challenging) path is. You will love and know love like you never imagined in three beautiful little hearts. They will try every ounce of who you are to make you someone so much better than you ever dreamed you could be. I tell you this not so that you know the future, but so that you appreciate mom a bit more. Her job is harder than you know. So, when you’re about to scream ‘I hate you’ remember that it only hurts both of you. Oh, and she will call your bluff when you tell her you’re moving out.

I want to end with one last thing you need to know. It can never be said too much because you need to understand this to your core. You are beautiful and you are loved. Always.

With Love,


*Writing Prompt is from


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